Friday, July 7, 2017

Back in Action: 'Incredibles 2' Concept Art Revealed

It's less than a year away, one of the most anticipated animated movies of the next few years is closer and closer...

Apparently, the D23 Expo app dropped a piece of concept artwork for Incredibles 2...

A low-resolution image, sadly, but this piece has already raised lots of questions... It appears that the Parr kids haven't aged, there are more supers flying around, there's a random raccoon present, and... The Underminer? Really?

Honestly, fellas... I was hoping Incredibles 2 would jump way ahead of The Underminer and age the kids. To me, the whole ending with the evil drill-driving villain was no set-up for a sequel, but rather an affectionate tribute to how old action and pulp adventure serials ended: With a classic cliffhanger moment.

Many folks argued for years that The Incredibles was the only Pixar film that warranted a sequel, and that its ending deliberately set up a sequel. I never thought that was so. Director Brad Bird, even as far back as 2004, kept saying that he was only going to do a sequel to his superhero spectacular if he had a good idea for it. Over the years, he had "ideas," but he didn't want to make any move until he could put them altogether into one cohesive storyline.

In the mean time, he decided to do other things. He took over Ratatouille soon after The Incredibles was released, and after Ratatouille was finished, he willingly did projects for Paramount (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol) and Disney Studios (Tomorrowland). He didn't come up with a storyline for a sequel until Tomorrowland was in production. Disney's brass and Pixar made it known to the world in spring 2014 that he finally cracked it, which was weeks after filming wrapped on his Disney picture.

I was kind of hoping that Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack would be older. Going straight for the Underminer seems kind of safe, especially since that was already the plot of a 2005 video game follow-up. A game that I actually never played, apparently it was from the same development team who did the first Incredibles tie-in game, which I really wasn't big on at the time. Maybe the Underminer is but the opening sequence of the movie, and that it jumps a few years ahead after that.

Whatever story Mr. Bird choses to tell, I'm still behind it because I trust him. I'm not in the pool of people who dislike Tomorrowland, so in my humble opinion, I am very confident that Incredibles 2 will work.

I keep saying Incredibles 2.

Well, apparently, they did like Mark Zuckerberg and dropped the "the."

At CinemaCon this past April, they presented the film's new logo, no "the" in sight.

... and the D23 app keeps calling it Incredibles 2 as well...

Screengrab via /Film.

Interesting... Well, whatever they choose to call it, it's fine by me. It appears that John Walker is back to produce, alongside Nicole Paradis Grindle, who was an associate producer on Toy Story 3 and Monsters University, and a producer on the short Sanjay's Super Team. It's cool to see her bumped up to main producer role.

The concept art is overall very rich and colorful, and perfectly captures the spirit and unique feel of the first Incredibles. Again, lots of questions... More supers, the raccoon, the Underminer's presence... We may learn more next weekend.

What say you?

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  1. I hope the Underminer has the same importance to the movie as the giant monster in the beginning of Guardians 2