Friday, July 14, 2017

Gnome Invasion: 'Gnome Alone' Gets Trailer and Release Date

Another animated movie about garden gnomes?

Gnome Alone, if you're new here or haven't been following this picture, is from 3QU Media and Vanguard Animation. Two companies spearheaded by Shrek producer John H. Williams, who still tries to bank off of that 16-year-old achievement. Vanguard's back from the grave, now part of this 3QU joint and also associated with the up-and-coming Cinesite Animation. I've been tracking Cinesite because they are helping former Disney animator Sergio Pablos make his revolutionary 2D/CG hybrid Klaus project into an animated feature.

They also have other pictures on their slate, and the team-up with 3QU/Vanguard has given them two films so far. Together, they did this feature and a fractured fairy tale called Charming. Will Smith's brother's company, Smith Global Media, has locked both of these features and will release them theatrically stateside. Gnome Alone comes first, Charming will follow in the second quarter of 2018, the former now has a trailer and a rating...

I do like the trailer's spooky vibe, as it was hinted that the film was inspired by the PG-rated films of the 1980s, films like Gremlins and Ghostbusters. That was back when having those two letters actually meant something. It doesn't look half bad, either. A little been there-done that, and the monstrous Troggs are kind of generic-looking, but on the whole it could've been worse. It looks better than your regular tiny-budget animated picture, and it's certainly better-looking than Charming, whose trailer leaked a little while back but then got pulled. (Is it playing in your country? I heard it opened internationally, but can't get any info.) Usually these sorta low-budget pictures that want to compete with the American heavies have such forced scripts and such, but this seems like a significant cut above them.

The concrete release date has been set, a suitable October 13th, though that is one week after My Little Pony: The Movie. Both of these aren't expected to be juggernauts, so I think the two will do fine domestically. This film was made for roughly $20 million, and for something that small-scale, it looks pretty impressive.

Anyways, let's see what 3QU/Vanguard is made of now, though I'm more interested in seeing what happens with Cinesite's Klaus... And if that gets picked up. Another story for another day.

What say you on Gnome Alone?

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  1. Hi Kyle how are you today you have a new follower of your blog i am a too a animation lover and aspiring director/writer of animated films and i think that gnome alone is very interesant and maybe it is goning to be a new oportunity to vanguard after 2007 and a new good chance of become more famous and that i like almost all of their films well good luck and see you friend