Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend Box Office Report: 'Despicable' Slides, 'Cars 3' Hangs On

Fourth of July festivities have passed, now it's back to business...

Despicable Me 3 slid 53% on its second weekend, with an estimated $33 million, but it's already up to $149 million domestically. A sharper dip than Despicable Me 2's second weekend, but not as steep as Minions' second weekend drop, I suppose it'll gain traction next weekend and become a leggy movie. While the previous Despicable Me films scored over 4x their opening weekend grosses respectively, this may end up pulling Minions legs. (A relatively weak 2.9x) Worldwide, the picture has already made 5 1/2x its budget. $447 million. Unstoppable Me, more like...

Cars 3 thankfully didn't pop a tire. Slipping an estimated 41%, if it keeps steady from here on out, it should gross over $150 million domestically. It'll miss the typical animated feature 3x multiplier, but perhaps Cars - like a lot of franchises, animated or not - was just one of those one-and-done things. I figured the saturation of it over the years (merchandise, the DisneyToon-produced Planes spin-offs) had a hand in it, and general disinterest here and there. As much as I defend the series (more so than most out there), I can admit... It just isn't that go-to Pixar property with the general public. Worldwide is still a moot point, it isn't playing everywhere yet.

Captain Underpants landed an estimated 71%, taking yet another hit. $70 million here, $78 million around the globe, still not out in every territory, but I'm confident it'll get into the black. Tiny its international roll-out may be, some key markets could come to the rescue. It's already doubled its microbudget.

The Boss Baby still chugs, the Blu-ray is due out at the end of the month. $173 million-inching-on-$174 million here, $493 million around the globe so far.

Overall, this has been a rather strange year for animated features. Most animated films don't have a hard time making 3 1/2x their openings, but this year, we've seen many features miss that. Some by a hair, some by a mile. Even last year had plenty of standard performers... Perhaps it's just ticket prices or the way things are going right now, but I still doubt it's "cannibalization" or that there are "too many animated features." (No such thing, in a world where over a thousand live-action movies come out every year.) Perhaps Despicable Me 3 will rebound and make 3 1/2 or 4x its opening, maybe something later in the year will do it... Coco, maybe? The Star? Who knows.

Maybe it's time to finally step up and say... The family tentpole isn't the only thing we can do. Pipe dream, but... Just throwing it out there.

What say you on the box office results?

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