So what is this blog all about? Well, as the title implies, it's mostly about animation. It's my #1 interest, and since I'm usually ranting and rambling about the art form, I figured I'd collect those thoughts on here. I don't just cover animation, sometimes I'll review a film or comment on something unrelated to animation in some way. Sometimes it's rather unexpected...

Anyways, I offer my thoughts and musings on animation news, particularly news concerning the North American animated feature film market. I'm slowly moving into discussing television animation and other areas as well... It's coming! I basically weigh in on what has been announced and what the big studios are doing. I tend to talk about Disney and Pixar quite a lot, I can't help it... I'm a devotee!

What else? I'm also a Disney videocassette collector and I will normally bring that up from time to time.  I also frequently post videos on YouTube about it or other things. I also speak! I sometimes record rambles, especially since the tides are always changing and some animation may require more rambling than a post can!

Enjoy your stay!

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On July 28th of 2018, I officially ended this blog... While I don't frequently talk animation news, you may find me on Kyle Loves Animation and More, on WordPress.